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Domus Aegis BV is active in the international project funding business since her start and combines the today's 25 years of experience of her founder, Onno van der Kuip LLM, in this branche.

Project funding, grants and subsidies are considered as complex and legal matters. For that reason companies and governments contract Domus Aegis to guide them from the start till the end of a funding process. Domus Aegis is the Latin term for The House Which Protects You.

Our Subsidies & Grant Supply Department is experienced on:

- Technical Research & Development Projects

- Innovative Business Start Ups and Growth Projects

- Biobased Economy Projects (Biofuels, Bio-LNG, Bioplastics, Biochemicals, Biomaterials)

- High Tech Machineries, Materials and Nanotechnology Projects

- Regional Economic Development Projects

- Sustainable Energy Production (Wind, Sun, Water, Waste, BIomass, Algae, Geothermal)

- International Business Development, New Factories

- Residential Development Projects, Hotels, Tourism Development Projects

- Investments in Environmental Friendly or Energy Saving Business Resources

- Projects in Emerging Markets (Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, South Americas, Carribean)

Our International Legal Services Department concentrates on:

- International Trade Law

- Due Diligence for International Project Finance

- International Contracts

- Intellectual Property Laws.


Market approach:

Domus Aegis founder Onno van der Kuip LLM: "Most clients come to us by recommandation. We've build up a large network of contacts within the funding world. We served many clients, who are guided succesfull in obtaining grants, subsidies, fiscal advantages, investors, equity and loans. Their recommandations make that new clients are Always approaching us for the same goals. Only the good projects are selected as feasible for guiding. We are very critical before we'll start helping a new client. Because we do not like to spend our hours on projects, of which we know in advance they will fail to be funded". 

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Contact information:

Domus Aegis BV
Industrial Park Leeksterhout
Kamerlingh-Onnesstraat 14
NL -  9351 VD LEEK
Postal Address:  PO BOX 227   
The Netherlands
Tel.    +31 50 201 21 05
Company 02082373
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